How to get the firmware version of PanoServer?


Firstly push the [MENU] button, and then select <SYSTEM INFORMATION>.
What is the difference between MapCam360 and other similar cameras?
The MapCam360 has the smallest blind area compared with other similar cameras. The blind area is the inner circle area of annular image produced by mirror reflection type omni-directional camera like MapCam360. The range of viewing field of MapCam360 is 360 degrees in horizontal and 78 degrees in vertical below horizontal.
How to use MapCam for surveillance application?
The MapCam360 with 360 degree omni-directional viewing field and the smallest blind area is especially suitable for video surveillance of open space like lobby and hall. Combining with PanoServer, MapCam can provide Pan/Tilt function without any mechanical movement.
What are the speed dome cameras supported by PanoServer?
To combine with MapCam360 to achieve "Click-and-See" control function, the speed dome camera has to be capable of 360 degrees endless rotation. The protocol also must to be confirmed by EeRise. The speed dome cameras so far supported are JVC TK series and Sensormatic Ultra V series. Other speed dome cameras can be supported upon customer's request.
What is "Click-and-See"?
With "Click-and-See" you can intuitively direct the speed dome camera to any pinpoint location you want by just clicking on the image of MapCam360. That means that you can have a video surveillance of "What You Click is What You See".
What is the difference of ""Click-and-see"" compared with other normal PTZ camera? What are the merits?
Without "Click-and-See", you can only relatively control the movement of PTZ camera like pan left and right or tilt up and down. This means that you can just aimlessly control the PTZ movement until something unaccustomed scene you perceived from its image.
With "Click-and-See" you can intuitively direct the PTZ camera to any pinpoint location you want; moreover, you really know where is the position the PTZ camera has to aim at.

Are there any kinds of calibration procedure needed for MapCam and PTZ camera? How long does it take?
Each MapCam360 had been calibrated before shipment, so there is no extra calibration procedure needed on installation site.
Anyway, some simple adjustment procedures are required. This adjustment takes about 3 minutes.
Can I use other omni-directional video cameras instead of MapCam360?
Basically we recommend using MapCam360, but other omni-directional video cameras are also acceptable after calibration. Please contact with us about the calibration services.

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