Product Features

Introducing PanoServer Series
- Omni-directional Video Surveillance System

Providing You All-inclusive Detailed and "What You Click is What You See" Surveillance

PanoServer System basic members including:
- PS3000 or PS6000
(Stand-Alone Video Server)
- MapCam
(360 Degree Video Camera)
- PTZ Camera

PanoServer is an omni-directional video surveillance system which combines a 360 degree panoramic video camera (MapCam360) with a PTZ camera (Speed Dome) to achieve more efficient surveillance. With the PanoServer you can fetch a high resolution optical zoom image of any selected local area while continuing to vigilantly monitor the whole panoramic area, which features:

- High Integration
Easily integrated into the incumbent CCTV / IP surveillance system

- User Friendly Operation Interface
PanoServer 6000 - All operations are based on Mouse and GUI
PanoServer 3000 - All operations are based on Mouse and Server Front Panel

- In Place of Multi-Cameras Surveillance
MapCam + one PTZ camera can easily replace several cameras in a wide area without any blind spot

In the incumbent surveillance system, there are over ten cameras required to cover all the target area However, only two PanoServer can cover everything and more economically!!

- What You Click is What you See
Achieve readily and intuitively operation of Speed Dome

- Robust Motion Tracking by Pixel
Users can easily set any number and geometry of motion detection area

- Easy & Quick Installation
No need of complex on-site calibration as usual - 5 minutes only instead

- Remote Network Surveillance (PanoServer 6000)
Remote control via Internet Browser

- High Stability Stand-alone System Platform w/o HDD
PanoServer 6000 is an embedded linux standalone system platform on a CF card. It is equipped with built-in hardware watchdog timer to ensure the highest operation stability. PanoServer 6000 reverts to normal operation automatically after an unexpected power failure.

- Pre-alarm / Post-alarm Recording
PanoServer 6000 can well integrate the images recorded before/after the preset events such as motion detection, alarm inputs and so on to assure the continuity and completeness of event recording.

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