Product Demonstration
  • Appearance of MapCam and PTZ camera mounted on the ceiling. Please click left picture to watch a video clip.
  • The amazing "Click-and-See" function created by Eerise provides operators the most convenient way to control PTZ camera. Just click on the image of MapCam360, you can intuitively direct the PTZ camera to any pinpoint location you want!
  • YES! This is TRUE. An omni-directional motion tracking provided by PanoServer. Click left picture soon and see how PanoServer traces a motion objects!
  • Omni-directional motion tracking with MapCam and PTZ image. Notice MapCam image, you will find the moving object will be locked on the center of de-warping view of cylinder projection to help observations of the motion tracking. And with PIP (Picutre-In-Picture)interface, you are able to see tracking image with PTZ at left-bottom side.

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