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About EeRise Corp.

EeRise Corporation, a Taiwan based automation company with global vision and expertise, was established in 1990 by a group of computerized image processing automation experts.

EeRise is a high technology company which specializes in developing monitor/ CDT and TV automatic alignment and computerized image process system. EeRise's systems and technology have already got the patents from Taiwan , the United States , Japan , Korea and Mainland China . So far, EeRise systems prevail in Taiwan , Mainland China , Korea , Japan , Asia, North America, and Europe plus many famous monitor CDT and TV factories in the world, such as Philips, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Apple, Acer, Panasonic, etc. We offer a professional service and experts in order to enhance their efficiency of automatic alignment. We are proud of our leading research and development in the related industries, we developed various new products and offer superior quality of automation and visual processing constantly.

In addition to the automatic alignment equipments for relevant displays, we also developed A.O.I. system for industrial automatic inspection. It can reduce the labor cost when using in factories. Meanwhile, it raises the efficiency of manufacture.

EeRise Corporation has dedicated to the innovation of Surveillance for years. For the moment, we have got several relevant patents from Taiwan , Japan , United States and Mainland China . We currently release our brand new product PanoServer 6000 and get high reputation and recognition from many aspects. With the professional 3D Vision, System integration, and the best service to our customers, we are expecting to be your partners whenever you need the application to boost your competitiveness. We are looking forward to providing the next generation video surveillance system - PanoServer - and further co-operation with you.


Product Sectors
Auto Alignment System
  • Developing monitor/ CRT and TV automatic alignment and computerized image process system
  • Patents from Taiwan, the United States, Japan, Korea and Mainland China
  • Prevail in Taiwan, Mainland China, Korea, Japan, Asia, North America, and Europe plus many famous monitor CDT and TV factories in the world, such as Philips, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Apple, Acer, Panasonic, etc

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A.O.I. - Auto Optical Inspection

Our leading technology at image processing、2D/3D optical inspection is realized with a series of A.O.I., it helps industrial automatic inspection of STN ”ž TFT ”ž OLED ”ž PLED LCD Panel. Applications as below:

  • Laptop PC Keyboard Inspection System
  • Desktop PC Keyboard Inspection System
  • Cell Phone Keypad Layout Inspection System
  • Visual Localization Module

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Multi-Projector System Services

The main technologies of EeRise are 3D positioning, image processing, and computer ized vision. Based on these technologies and constantly research, we successfully developed the auto-alignment tools and geometry controller for Multi-Projector system.

The basic concept of Multi-Projector is to combine at least two individual projected images into a seamless, high resolution and larger size. We provide following services for Multi-Projector system:

• Auto-alignment service: Unlike traditional measurement by human eyes, EeRise developed a semi-auto Pan/Tile robot with a three pre-calibrated CCD for 3D positioning to achieve a high precision and high reliability auto-alignment tool. With this tool, we are able to shorten whole measurement procedure into few hours even an 8.5m in diameter semi-spherical dome type screen .

• Geometry Controller: EeRise Geometry Controller is a hardware real-time de-warping device for correcting distortion of projected image. The distortion parameter is calculated based on auto-alignment results.

• Consultant service: We also provide our customer consultant service to help them construct their Multi-Projector system.

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360 Degree Omni-directional Video Surveillance System Services

PanoServer is an omni-directional video surveillance system which combines a 360 degree panoramic video camera (MapCam) with a PTZ camera (Speed Dome) to achieve more efficient surveillance.

With the PanoServer you can fetch a high resolution optical zoom image of any selected local area while continuing to vigilantly monitor the whole panoramic area.

Through the unique "Click-and-See" control interface technology developed by EeRise, you can intuitively direct the PTZ camera to any pinpoint location you want by just click on the panoramic image from MapCam. Furthermore, the installation of PanoServer is independent of environment. This means that you do not need to do any on-site calibration in setting up MapCam and PTZ camera.

PanoServer is also a standalone system platform with embedded Linux system and is designed for 24-hours running. It equipped with build-in hardware watch dog timer to assure the stability of system operation. Even the happenings of unexpected power failure, the PanoServer will automatically return to its operation after recovery of power.

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